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3D Printed Scale Model of the Notre Dame Cathedral



Now you can literally touch and feel your thoughts & imagination

3D print your projects, inventions, prototypes and designs. Transform your design to a tangible object you can actually hold in your hands.


AMTech aspires to contribute to the advancement of all community sectors in Egypt by making available the revolutionary technology and techniques of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing).
AMTech is committed to contributing to sustainable development with environmental and socioeconomic goals.
AMTech encourages a healthy, open, and inclusive working environment which includes employees, suppliers, partners, and customers; respecting the value of human life and supporting social progress.

Clients Testimonials

I was surprised by the speed and quality of printed parts in different materials. I’d love to work with them again.

The professional source for everything related to 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering. Very professional service and support. Fabulous 3D Printing quality. Equipment and material of European origin.

Eng. Hossam H. Abbass, Consultant Engineer

They have practically unlimited potential. They are always welcoming to educate you on what can be achieved through the 3D printing technology based on your needs.

Eng. Kareem Hassan, AMAZON

A truly professional and unique service providing state of the art 3D Printing in the highest quality. Latest European 3D printers and wide range of conventional, exotic and engineering materials.

Eng. Hazem Hamdy, Islamic International Bank

Professional and very keen on small details, especially when it comes to the scientific research, where small details dramatically affect the results.

Eng. Moatassem Fouda, ENPPI
If you’re looking for exceptional quality 3d printing and service, then this is definitely the place to go. Staff are very friendly, helpful and pay attention to the smallest details, making sure your models turn out on time and as expected. Prices are also reasonable, and I’ll definitely be coming again. Highly recommended.
Eng. Mohamed Fawzy, GUC

Amtech really exceeded all my expectations, they are a great and highly professional service providers, the team is very helpful and extremely professional, their expertise and technical knowledge when it comes to 3D printing is both remarkable and very commendable. After our first business dealing they immediately became my go to 3D printing provider and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for top quality 3D printing.

Arch. Mohamed Radwan, Cairodesignathon

Using top quality printers and tools for the best accurate end models to individual clients and organisations

Eng. Mostafa H. Abbass, Industrial Management Student

PrintLab is a creative brand that supplies

end-to-end solutions in 3D printing

PrintLab’s online platform allows schools and universities to build their own 3D printing lab from a whole ecosystem of products.

From 3D printers to curriculums and on-site training, the aim is to provide the whole ecosystem in one place with one point of contact for service and support.

Whether it’s 1 lesson plan or a term long curriculum, the PrintLab approach is to be flexible to each school’s needs.

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