PrintLab Egypt

PrintLab Egypt is run by Amtech.

Their primary objective is to spread the culture of 3D Printing in Egypt and the MENA region.

This shall be achieved through awareness campaigns as well as encouraging and facilitating the establishment of 3D Printing Labs in schools, colleges, vocational technical colleges and universities.

What is PrintLab?

PrintLab is an online platform that brings together a community of 3D Printing experts from over 20 countries to promote and support 3D Printing in education. PrintLab’s mission is to inspire and assist educators around the world by using the platform as a collaborative space for sharing resources and offering solutions.

What is PrintLab education?

PrintLab education is a unique integrated ecosystem built to provide technical solutions for schools & universities around the world to enable 3D Printing in education and to support them in setting and developing their own 3D Printing labs.

AMTech is the official PrintLab partner in Egypt which assists schools and universities with technical advice, sales and support. We work closely with PrintLab on a joint approach of being flexible to each school’s needs. Therefore, we provide a tailored 3D Printing ecosystem based upon the need and requirements of each school and university.

PrintLab Ecosystem

PrintLab Education ecosystem consists of a group of products such as 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D scanners, 3D models software, online courses, curriculum kits and lesson plans.

Build your lab and join the community where you will regularly receive free educational resources and great promotions all year round.

How does PrintLab enable 3D Printing in education?

Integrating 3D Printing technology into education revolutionizes the way students engage and learn. Education becomes easier, fun, interesting, appealing, exciting, and creative and students will better comprehend hard to grasp concepts. Students also become familiar with new global terms and techniques of technology.

PrintLab provides students with effective technical tools to unleash their mental and personal creativity. By learning how to design a 3D model and print it on a 3D printer, students will be able to transform their imagination from just an idea inside their minds to real object in their hands. This inspirational tool allows for endless possibilities and prepares students for the challenges they will face in their future careers.

Since PrintLab ecosystem can be tailored to the needs of any school or university, educators need no longer to worry about annoying restrains caused by the incompatibility of educational aids or curriculums. By setting a PrintLab education ecosystem in their schools, educators will be empowered through fulfilling training to enable them to smartly master and practice new and efficient teaching methods.

How to set up a PrintLab Education ecosystem?


Contact us and we’ll prepare a proposal tailored to your aspirations and objectives. TAKE ACTION now and enjoy free 3D Printing products offered by PrintLab Pioneer Program for forward thinking schools.

(( PrintLab resources widen the scope of thinking and innovation in young minds ))

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PrintLab International and AmTech have come together to create a comprehensive ecosystem of products specifically for education in Egypt.

Click the links to learn more about the products and head to our interactive Build your Lab platform to enquire, where you can view pricing, create your own bespoke solution and have access to local and global promotions.

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