Dream it… Print it

At AMTech, our team of qualified Engineers ad designers, together with our professional 3D Printing partners and associates, help you with your designs, projects and ideas using professional design software, state-of-the-art 3D printers and scanners and high quality materials to your requirements and specifications.

Our currently available 3D Printing techniques include FFF and SLA / DLP.

For FFF 3D Printing we can print with PLA, ABS, M-ABS, ABS-X, PET-G, ASA-X, PET-CF, Nylon, PC, Bronze, Copper and several engineering and exotic filaments such as wood enriched filaments.

For more details visit our FLOW filaments page https://amtech3d.com/flow-filaments/

For SLA / DLP 3D Printing we can print with several European made quality resins including Cast and Lost-wax for small investment casting models for the jewellery sector and other resins suitable for engineering, medical, educational, manufacturing, art and media models.

Products Design & 3D Modeling

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What we can print for you

Functional Prototypes

Functional Prototypes at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods.

Concept Models

Fit and Form Concept Models.

Architectural & Interior Design

Architectural Models and 3D Topographical Maps.

Jewellery models

High Precision Jewelry Models for Investment Casting.

Surgical Tools

Patient-specific surgical guides and tools.

Topographical Models

Solid Terrain Modeling.

Legacy Parts

3D Printing of obsolete spare parts.

Customized Casts and Splints

3D Printed Casts and Splints customized and pleasant casts for patients.

Customized Gifts

Unique Customized / Peronalized Gifts & Accessories

Dental Guides & Models

Patient-specific precise dental guides and models.

Pre-operation models

Pre-operation models of body organs and skeletal parts to help surgeons properly plan with minimum risk.

Investment casting

3D Printing custom models for investment casting moulds.