Educational Sector Applications

3D Printing provides a multitude of tools and benefits that can revolutionize learning and the Education Sector.
If writers of textbooks for the education sector realize the importance of 3D Printing, they would include files for 3D Printable models with each chapter in their books.

This would provide for an intertaining educational experience for students and teachers alike.

  • 3D Printing allows educators and trainers to print any physical visual aid they wish to clearly illustrate hard to grasp concepts.

  • 3D Printed objects make it easy for educators and trainers to capture the attention and interest of students compared to traditional teaching aids.

  • 3D Printing enhances hands-on interactive learning and unleashes creativity and innovation in students.

  • 3D Printing allow students to design and produce realistic 3 dimensional models using equipment, tools, materials and CAD software. (great for engineering, architecture, and multi-media arts students).

  • 3D Printing is of exceptional advantage to technical academic institutes and vocational training.

  • 3D Printing provides limitless ways in which the technology can be utilized in the education sector.


3D printed body organs, geographical GIS data, prototypes, artistic designs, historic artifacts, molecular structures etc


3D printed objects from the computer screen into students hands for inspection, analysis and other learning processes

A few examples of how 3D Printing benefits students, the learning process and the whole Education Sector