Our industrial 3D printers

Our industrial 3D printers come in several builds and sizes, and choosing one largely depends on your business’s unique needs and budget.
The main things to concern are:
  1. First you need to calculate your ROI.
    Factors that affect pricing from our industrial 3D printers include printing materials, printer specs and size.
    Logically, the T3500 which can print up to 2,1 metres will cost you a bit more than our mini Delta 3D printer.
  2. Second question is what you want to do with your FDM printer?
    It’s good to know that all our industrial 3D printers can handle both prototyping and production and they all use a variety of printing materials.
    Choose the 3D printer that supports the type of material your prototype and/or end product needs.
    The T650P can handle all high temperature materials so when you want to print for instance PEEK and/or PEI this your best choice.
Our industrial 3D printers are optimised for production-grade 3D printing and designed with your ROI and needs in mind !


The T650 is the smallest of our industrial 3D printers. This delta printer is versatile and convenient to use. The T650 boasts a high printing speed, a high accuracy (XY: 0,01mm) and a low weight, making it easy to put on your desktop or move around to any location you want.

T 850

The T850 is both fast and accurate and still has a low weight. It has a larger build volume than the T650, allowing you to print up to a height of 405 millimeter. It is great for those who need that extra bit of height and is as easy to use as our other industrial 3D printers.
The T1250 boasts the same high printing speed and accuracy as our smaller industrial 3D printers, but can print up to a height of 675 mm, with a diameter of 360 millimeters. This is perfect for users who need to print middle-sized objects with the regular plastics.

T 650P

Designed for 3D printing thermoplastic, the T650P prints with high temperature materials such as PEEK and PEI/ULTEM, which are strong and durable for long-lasting parts. Just like our other industrial 3D printers it has a closed chamber to keep these fluctuations to a minimum.
The T850P in the PRO series is the best high temperature 3D printer in the market. With a height of just 114 cm it still fits on your desk, but you can print high temperature polymers like PEEK up to 400 mm (15.7″) in height and 280 mm (11″) in diameter.

T 2000

With a printing height of 100cm and 68 cm in width, the T2000 is one of the LARGE VOLUME Tractus 3D printers family.
With a height of 204 cm it will need some space, but you’ll be able to place it in every office or workspace. It even fits trough all normal sized doors, due to his small width of just 82 cm. It really is a LARGE VOLUME 3D printer.
If you’re looking for a large 3D printer for prototypes or finished products, the T3000 is an excellent choice. It has a much larger build size than most other industrial 3D printers and can print objects with a diameter of 1000 millimeters and a height of up to 1540 millimeters.

T 3500

The T3500, the largest of our industrial 3D printers, has the ability to print up to 2100 millimeters in height. This large-scale 3D printer is a machine only suited to companies with dedicated space and resources. If you need large, precise plastic parts, it is a great option.

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