Concept, Form, Fit and Functional 3D Models.



Final 3D Models for Investment Casting



Custom tools, Jigs & Fixtures


Models of Architectural Designs



Interior Floor Plans, Furniture and Decorative Items



Topographical Models of GIS Maps and Landscapes

Engineering & Manufacturing

3D Printing provides all Engineering and Manufacturing disciplines unprecedented advantages that traditional methods of manufacture simply cannot provide.

Freedom of Design

Designs for 3D Printing are not restrained by the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing allows the fast production of functional prototypes and form and fit concept models in a precise and cost-effective manner, leading to a substantial reduction in lead times for new products.

Customisation is Free

3D Printing techniques allow for mass customisation — the ability to personalise products according to individual needs and requirements — at no extra cost.

Complexity is Free

3D Printing allows the production in levels of complexity that simply could not be produced physically in any other way.
Furthermore, complex multi-part products can be manufactured as one product in one operation with no tooling or assembly required.

Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Decentralisation of manufacturing. (Production moves closer to end-user).
  • Minimisation of inventories, warehousing and transport.
  • Production of lighter weight products.
  • Outsourcing to offshore facilities is more cost effective.
  • Enhancement of Returns on Investment (ROI) Costs are reduced and ROI is enhanced due to;
    – Reduction in lead times for product development.
    – Dramatic decrease in material waste.
    – Minimisation of tooling and multi-stage production.
    – Better quality with precision.
    – Optimised product efficiency.
    – Materials can be used to their full potential.
    – Optimisation of supply chain cycle.
    – Eco-friendly Engineering and Manufacturing
    – Reduction in waste.
    – Minimisation of power consumption.
    – Clean production with less carbon emissions.

Architecture & Interior Design

3D Printing enables Architects, Interior Designers and GIS professionals to economically create 3D models of hight precision at an exceptional speed.

As every designer knows, there’s magic in transforming a great idea into a tangible and useful object you can hold in your hand.

Architects and engineers are fast discovering the myriad benefits of 3D Printing, including:

  • Unleashing Creativity

  • Shortening Project Time lines

  • Lowering Costs

  • Improving Communication

  • Securing Quick Approvals

Firms are discovering a new ability to print physical 3D models in hours instead of the weeks needed for handcrafting, while reducing costs and improving model accuracy.

This new capability is enabling more productive design reviews, accelerating design phases and reducing the time and money necessary to create models for review, presentation and marketing.

Plus, more accurate models clarify designs for clients and officials, facilitating the approval process and ultimately resulting in more beautiful, higher-quality building designs.