3D Slicing Applications

3D printing slicing software controls every aspect of your 3D print.


Cura prepares your model for 3D printing. For novices, it makes it easy to get great results. For experts, there are over 200 settings to adjust to your needs. As it’s open source, our community helps enrich it even more.


Simplify3D includes an incredibly realistic pre-print simulation that allows you to see the exact actions your 3D printer will perform before you start the print. You can literally watch an animation of the extruder as it lays down each individual line of plastic, giving you more insight than ever before!


Voxelizer 3D printing software is designed to drive ZMorph multitool 3D printers and other RepRap-compatible printers. It’s been created to extend capabilities of widely available open-source software and to enable uses of such tools as 3d printers, CNC mills and various types of extruders (chocolate or ceramics for example).


Repetier-Host includes directly 3 different slicers: Slic3r, CuraEngine and Skeinforge
If that is not enough, you can use any other slicer you want with Repetier-Host. After slicing you can see all extruder movements and support structures. You control the whole model, a particular area or individual layers and recognize potential problems before printing – this saves a lot of time and money.


Slic3r is the tool you need to convert a digital 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer. It cuts the model into horizontal slices (layers), generates toolpaths to fill them and calculates the amount of material to be extruded.