Architecture & Interior Design

3D Printing enables Architects and Interior Designers to economically create 3D models of high precision at an exceptional speed.

As every designer knows, there’s magic in transforming a great idea into a tangible and useful object you can hold in your hand. Interior architects interact with clients to identify their needs and create interior spaces accordingly. They create designs for all aspects of an interior space, such as doors, windows, walls, and furnishings. Licensing is required and there are both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in interior architecture.

Architects and engineers are fast discovering the myriad benefits of 3D Printing, including:

  • Unleashing Creativity

  • Shortening Project Time lines

  • Lowering Costs

  • Improving Communication

  • Securing Quick Approvals

Firms are discovering a new ability to print physical 3D models in hours instead of the weeks needed for handcrafting, while reducing costs and improving model accuracy.

This new capability is enabling more productive design reviews, accelerating design phases and reducing the time and money necessary to create models for review, presentation and marketing.

Plus, more accurate models clarify designs for clients and officials, facilitating the approval process and ultimately resulting in more beautiful, higher-quality building designs.


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