FELIX Pro 3 Touch

  • FELIX Pro 3 Touch - AMTech 3D Printing Egypt

The FELIX Pro 3 is the latest addition to the Pro Series of 3D printers and builds on the success of its predecessors in terms of quality and reliability to provide professional users with an intuitive, easy-to-use manufacturing tool for every stage of their product development workflow.

good reasons for the FELIX Pro 3

  1. Ready to print within minutes. Touchscreen and innovative automated calibration.
  2. With just 32dB, one of most silent printers available
  3. Best in class print results. Due to unique robust, precise and open design.
  4. Innovative dual head printing system. Enables more design freedom compared to single head printing.
  5. Open filament system. Print most available print materials for FDM printing.
  6. Upgradable, be future proof in todays fast paced developments within FDM printing.
  7. Ideal for multi-user environment, with print-server and print-file management.


The Pro 3 has been designed and manufactured to offer the highest possible price / performance ratio in its class with dedicated features that ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance as well as high quality parts.