Ultimaker 2+ Extended

Engineered to perform, the Ultimaker 2+ Extended is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. Thanks to its support of a wide range of materials, it’s suitable for a huge variety of applications, from prototypes to customized tools. It’s a great all-around 3D Printer that delivers consistent results.


The high-end model in the Ultimaker 2 line of 3D printers, the Ultimaker 2 Extended has the largest build area of the lot. This means that it can print taller objects and uses the highest resolution of any fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printer we have tested. Like the original Ultimaker 2, our Editors’ Choice for high-end 3D printers, and the compact Ultimaker 2 Go, the Ultimaker 2 Extended is simple to operate with a dial and monochrome LCD. Keeping it up and running proved a more difficult matter in our testing, though. Twice it had extrusion issues that caused it to stop printing until they were corrected after a round of troubleshooting. Its print quality was also somewhat inconsistent.