Leadtime is about 3 to 5 weeks, interchangeable full-metal hot-ends, highly accurate sensors, smoother print results, optimized filament feed and advanced filament detection.
Next generation auto calibration, save time, increased reliability.
Enjoy the next level of usability in desktop 3D printing.
The first layer of 3D printing is of extreme importance.
The auto calibration feature creates the optimal starting conditions of your print,without user intervention.


32 bit processing power, Silent operation, Noise levels are kept at a minimum.
At a noise level of just 34 dBA you can enjoy working without interruptions.
Our new state of the art motion controller makes the FELIX Pro 2 the most silent desktop 3D printer in it’s class.
Iconic Design, designed for professional performance.
The FELIX Pro Series design is inspiring.
With the modular DNA and proven technology of our award winning FELIX 3 Series the machine is reliable and upgradable.
Only the best possible components and materials are used to ensure optimal performance.